I was listening to some music yesterday, and had a virtual Flashback.

I remembered seeing a harmonica-playing buddy at Etta's Place a couple of years ago. He was playing with some jammers and a dude he referred to reverentially as The Guru. My friend revered him, and tells me he's learned a LOT from "The Guru".

The Guru had real great tone. The thing The Guru did that impressed me incredibly was, he SANG. I mean he projected, broad-casted, he really put it out there. His voice projected so strongly, he almost didn't need the PA. Reminded me a little of an old movie I saw with Cab Calloway . The dude's voice just projected so strongly, so HONESTLY, that it really knocked me out. I've been striving to integrate that into my vocal delivery ever since.

So, Guru, thanks for showing me something important.