As a guy who's spent literally decades in the woodshed (playing guitar & bass) with very little help or positive interaction with other musicians, I have to say that harmonica players are a very supportive (if eccentric) bunch of folks as a class. I've gotten some of the most helpful feedback, sage advice, and handiest tips from my fellow harp players.

And there are a gang of really fine harp players here in town! A buddy told me "you're doing well to come up in such an intimidating environment (around all those strong players)", but it ain't like that. I s'pose it would be if I was a guitar player (they often seem to be looking for a showdown somehow), but these local players - Chet, HJ, Karl, Alan, Roger, Lance, Ben, Walter, Dianne, Sonny, Randal, Lenny, Ted, Budd, Steve - have all treated me as a peer from the git-go.

Even the pros I've taken lessons from (John Gindick, Rod Piazza, Bill Barrett) and those I've only shared a drink with (Magic Dick, Lee Oskar, Mark Hummel) have been kind, and respectful - no matter to them that I'm "just a noob".

I truly appreciate the kind consideration...