Photo of Dane Terry with Dana Duplan in background by Dave McGhee
Dane Terry, Dana Duplan (photo Dave McGhee)


Receiving my first musical instrument (a harmonica) from my parents before I was in school, I've always approached the music I love from the perspective of player or singer as much as listener. Both of my parents were musicians (mother played gospel, father played jazz) and exposed me to a rich variety of music at home, in church and on the road. My earliest and happiest recollections involve making music with my folks; not just my parents, but also my grandparents, aunts uncles and cousins. Practically everyone in my family could make good music and they saw to it that I learned about harmony, and to love and respect American music through personal participation.

I mostly draw my musical inspiration from the old Gospel, Country, R&B, Jazz and Blues music my family loved and often performed: American music of the 1930s through the 1960s.

I'm not a schooled player, so I rely on passion more than technique to drive my playing. In recent years I've begun adding more chromatic harmonica to my performances, enabling me to begin to expand my range and add a little sophistication to my repertoire.

I play music with...

I have also played as a member of, accompanied or recorded with

Allen Singer - Folk Blues
Zapf Dingbats - Early Jazz
The Jack City Blues Band - Blues
A 5th of Blues
The Stillmores
The Snakedrivers
Uncle Daddio and the Mojinators