Dharma Descendants

There's a tradition of Dharma in Zen. Dharma means the pure juice - the heart, marrow and guts of the Buddha's teachings. In blues, we might think of Dharma as Mojo.

A Dharma descendant is one who can trace the line of Dharma transmission all the way back to the Buddha through his Master and his Master's Masters- the direct lineage, if you will (although not by blood; by receiving the Dharma).

If the Blues Harmonica has Dharma descendants - Masters walking the earth who have the pure Mojo, and likely got it from the Originators of Blues in the most direct line of descent possible - we're talking Kim Wilson, Charlie Musselwhite, Jerry Portnoy, and a small handful of others.

If West Coast Blues Chromatic has Dharma descendants - we're only talking about one man - Rod Piazza.

Check out Piazza's online store if you want to hear what I'm puttin' down. If you don't hear it, listen twice, or just listen 'till you do. This is the real stuff, no lie. The man can blow.

(I get nothing for the link above - I'm just a fan of Rod Piazza.)