Happy New Year 2007!

Most of us look back and forward at the turning of each new year. I'm not going to be much different, but I am going to make a suggestion: If you're engaged in some kind of long-term endeavor (such as trying to build your skills as a musician, artist, or in your career), I suggest you take a few moments to 'take a snapshot' of your current position on your path. Here are some ways you might do that:

  • Build a little 'Brag Page', folder, archive, etc...
  • Take a picture of all the Mics you've built, or your 'rig', if you're working on improving it.
  • Make a recording of yourself playing your favorite show-piece.
  • List your accomplishments almost as you would for a resume' - be kind, but realistic.
  • Stay positive!
  • Try to keep your accomplishments as 'stand-alone' items - don't list them 'against' your goals (that's for later).
  • List only the best stuff - don't record a song you haven't mastered, or anything you're struggling with - make this about this year's triumphs, however few or small.

What you've created is something that shows some things you have to feel good about on your path of development. Savor it.

Now, if you need to make a second copy to use in your goal-setting process (you do have a formalized goal-setting process, don't you?), go ahead and do so.

Take your 'snapshot' and put it away. Save the file, put the book on the shelf, store the archive, whatever.

Now, make an appointment for Noon, December 31st, 2007 to pull that archive out of storage and have a good long, look. I'm confident you'll have plenty to smile about when you open it again next New Year's Eve.