5 Watts

Those of you who are my musician friends have already heard me rant on this subject, so you may want to skip this post.

5 Watts is big enough, y'all.

I subbed for a friend last Saturday - we were playing Blues in a small (but very 'hot') room. Drums, PA, Bass, Guitar and Harmonica. I brought my Bassman, as I always do, but I also brought my 5-Watt Epiphone Valve Jr head, hoping to use it instead. I did and it worked great. In fact, it's heretic to say so, but I far preferred the sound of the $100.00 Epi to the $1,500.00 Fender. Keep in mind, I'm talking here about amplified Harmonica, which I like to sound distorted and compressed most of the time.

Leo Fender facilitated the birth of Rock and Roll by giving us the P-Bass. Then, Leo had to invent the Bass amp. He gave us the ability to hear the Bass with an electric guitar. Then, guitar players started using (bigger!) Bass amps, so Bass amps had to get bigger still to allow us to hear the bass over the now-fortified guitar, drums had to be mic'd...

Presto, you've got a Volume Arms Race on your hands!

5 Watts is HALF as loud as a 50-watt amp. Read it again, it's a fact - HALF as loud, not 1/10th as loud. Look it up if you don't believe me. You could start your search here.

I believe we're all playing way too loud, folks. We need to turn DOWN and give the music and the audience a chance to breathe. That little amp sounds sweet and my ears aren't ringing.