Just got one of the new Fender Champion 600 amps.

Man, it's got some grind. It also has a ton of bottom end (considering it carries a 6" speaker). I'll be A/B-ing it with the Valve Jr through all my different speaker set-ups to find out how it sounds over the next few days. I already prefer the way it responds to the Franken-mic, so that's a plus.

I'm really fond of little amps!

UPDATE 8/20 - the little mofo definitely sings. It sounds good through my external speakers, too, although Fender made the jack so bloody hard to get to that I tend to favor just playing through the 6" speaker it came with. The only mic I own that doesn't sound good with it is "The Cheese Mic", but that's OK - still leaves me with 3 strong choices.