Once in a while I'll hear a song that just gets in my head and I can't shake it. It'll just go 'round and 'round...

Albert King & Stevie Ray recorded a version of Match Box Blues that I really dig, even though I feel like I've been Stevie Ray Vaughan'd to death.

(No disrespect intended - I really enjoyed his music - it's all the CLONES that have driven it into the ground for me - I just can't bear to hear that style copped any more.)

Anyway, the tune's really cool and it's been rollin' around in my head, so I finally had to take a crack at it. This version has lots of flaws, but I'm happy with the overall feel, and with the fact that no instruments other than harmonicas were used in this version (except a #3 washtub I used for the kick-drum sound).