Since I've been playing the Blues...

Now I spell it 'RAWK' when I hyphenate it with Blues as in 'Blues-RAWK'.

I can identify & categorize a double-handful of different genres of Blues and I find it hard to state a clear preference for any one, although I'm also much more discriminating about what I consider Real Blues to be.

I have a hard time understanding why some musicians just can't play Blues music - but there it is...

As deeply as I feel this music, I wonder whether a Blues Critic would mark me as one of them that is Usurping The Blues from it's African-American Roots (part of a problem), or Respectfully Preserving a Slice of American Musical History (part of a solution).

What the hell is a Blues Critic, anyway?

I'm still amazed at folks who are quick to say they don't care for the Blues, yet upon hearing real Honest-to-God Blues music almost always say "I didn't know it could sound like THAT!"

I've decided I'm perfectly willing to Go Down to The Crossroads if someone would just give me accurate directions.

I still can't define in words exactly what separates great Blues players from the rest - but I can always hear the difference immediately.

(With thanks to Jp and apologies to Since I started listening to Jazz)