Just before Thanksgiving, I received an email from Tim Woods (acquaintance, Musician, Open Mic Organizer), about a piano that needed a good home. I wrote a brief email to a stranger, told him about my kids, our love for music, my desire to have my kids learn to read and play music.

Al, called me after about an hour and offered to give us his beautiful, virtually perfect 1967 Baldwin Acrosonic spinet piano. We picked it up on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

So far, the piano seems to be very happy sitting next to my desk in our home. It shares the home with my wife & I, our kids, cats and dog. My kids are very happy to play with it daily. Very soon they will start actually learning to play REAL MUSIC on it, as will I.

Al, thanks very much for the piano. We'll treasure it. It will be in our family a very long time, and will be with us for our grandchildren to play, as well.

Tim, thanks for having me on your email list & providing the opportunity for my family to be blessed by Al's generosity.