My campaign to play at reasonable volume levels continues.

We played a gig last night that Jimmy had to leave early. He was with us for the first two sets, but had to leave for another engagement before the third set.

The gig was fine, but everyone turned up when Jimmy left! I think they were trying to compensate for the lack of the second guitar. I had to ask them to turn down 3 times and still didn't get the volume down where it needed to be.

I played the gig with my Fender Champion 600 5-watt amp. I did not mic it into the PA. My amp'd tone has never sounded better - even my band-mates remarked about it. I had the amp connected to my Bassman speakers for the gig, but during sound-check & after the gig checked it through it's 6" speaker...it had plenty of volume. The little Champion 600 sounds great for harp - the speaker must be made with some kind of voodoo magic, 'cause it has tons of bottom-end (sounds more like a 10" on the bottom) and still has bark like a 6".

The amp worked fine for this small room - no trouble being heard, even though one guitar player was playing a Hot Rod Deluxe, one a Mesa Boogie, the PA was 500 watts, the Drummer gets excited and likes to hit hard, and the Bass amp was 150 watts.