Conway [UPDATED]

I should probably be trying to promote myself exclusively here, but once in a while I stumble across something that just has to be shared.

James Conway is a Chicagoan. He plays Celtic music and Blues. One of the instruments that he's incredibly proficient with is the harmonica, which is how I stumbled on his YouTube videos. In this video he just goes so far outside the box ('which box?' ANY box!) that it really captured my interest. You'll hear harmonica, some incredible 'jaw harp', Tuvan Throat Singing and some more harmonica. Wow.

James' website is at

UPDATE: 1/1 I just received 'Mouth Box', James Conway's CD. Wow, there's some incredible music on this disc, masterfully performed. I think it's fair to say that James Conway is every bit as good as (if not better than) any Irish Trad player I've ever heard, and an incredibly good harmonica player. This is really advanced musicianship, and beautiful music; I highly recommend it.