I teach beginning and intermediate harmonica. With 30+ years of experience as a musician, I offer a casual and fun atmosphere for learning to play harmonica. Instruction is very light on theory and concentrates instead on practical skills with a focus on musicianship and learning how to play music with others. I specialize in teaching beginners and intermediate players who want to expedite the learning curve. While my personal musical focus is blues, I can teach you the building blocks that will allow you to play many styles.

Students are encouraged to record every lesson for reference later in the week. A portable tape recorder, mini-recorder, or simple voice recorder are fine for this.

Email is my primary communication tool. I can email you any handouts we cover in our lessons, and will be happy to send you links to a number of great online learning tools (students only).

We'll start out with an interview of about half an hour for which there is no charge. Although in some instances this could be by phone, generally it is a face to face process. The purpose of this interview is for me to assess your current status and your goals and needs so we can determine if I can help you, if we get along OK, and how we'll work together on your goals. Subsequent to this interview, I'll send you a proposed syllabus. Once we've agreed on your course of study, we'll start your lessons.

Lessons are $30 for a half hour lesson, $60 for an hour. Payment is in cash at the time of the lesson. Most often my students schedule one half-hour lesson bi-weekly or monthly.

Available lesson times are weeknights 5:30pm-8:00pm. The last lesson will be scheduled for 7:30pm. Currently, lessons are offered on weekday evenings only. If you're not available during these times, contact me and let's discuss your situation. Once we've completed an assessment, you can reserve a time slot via email or phone.

If you can not make a scheduled lesson, please give 24 hours notice and call me. Failure to do so could result in ridicule and false stories about what you did at the bar on Friday night. Seriously, if you cancel the day of, I will charge you for that time slot if it goes unfilled.