Yesterday Morning

Here's a very cool duet arrangement of Hazmat Modine's "Yesterday Morning" by Bill Barrett & Kevin Marin. I'd never heard of Kevin before seeing this video (& I thought I knew who most ALL of the good harmonica players were!). Kevin does a great job on this and another piece with Barrett. I'm going to be watching this dude to steal what I can from him! ;-)

Hazmat Modine is the coolest little big band you never heard of, lead by Wade Schuman. It may be the only "Blues & Roots-based" band that performs with TWO harmonicists, currently Schuman and Barrett (and formerly Schuman and Jazz master, author and teacher Randy Weinstein). Their unabashed enthusiasm for harmonica (using it as a primary lead voice x2), combined with very cool arrangements (including using a TUBA instead of string bass!) are a few of the reasons HazMO is my favorite band.
All of the musicians in this band are outstanding, but it's very rare to hear TWO harmonicists with the level of skill & creativity as Barrett/Schuman or Weinstein/Schuman. Hell, you rarely hear two harmonicists of this caliber in the same WEEK, let alone the same BAND! So click through after the video to find more stuff featuring: