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Don't cling too much to any one idea - especially one particular approach to your sound over any other - and especially if you find yourself 'forcing' that sound into everything you play.

Ok, this can go deep...
I hear a lot of harp guys with less experience that are just way too focused on mics and amps. All an amplifier does is amplify what you put into it. If you don't have great technique and tone, you won't get a GOOD sound.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love to hear an amp break up, and I like a nice bullet mic.
But that's NOT where your sound is. Your sound comes from your embouchure and your good technique.

The pros can play through anything (or nothing) and still sound like themselves. That's because they have great technique, and they have mastered their own style of phrasing.

Try this: if you play mostly Chicago Blues, listen to some Early Country Blues like Gwen Foster, (Ashley & Foster), or some Jug Band Music, or some John Lee Williamson. Or try a little Chromatic Jazz, or some Bluegrass. The important thing: diversify!

Oh, and practice acoustically, leave the mic and amp alone most of the time. Learn what YOU sound like. Maybe even try to play a set of music without a Harp Amp (just play through the PA) - I guarantee it'll be very instructive if you listen.