26 of 101+

I have a page on this site entitled 101+ ways to sound better playing harmonica which was inspired by a Guitar Player Magazine article similarly titled. I'm working my way through many of the 101+ ways and elaborating on the points. This entry is number 26.

 26. Next time your guitarist (keyboard player, horn player, drummer) is on a good blow, LAY OUT.

Seriously. Read that again, and take it to heart.

OK, let me elaborate...

I've been attending a few Blues jams recently, and I'm having a hard time with it, because some of the players I hear at these jams are playing like the stereotypical "Garage Rocker" - the kind of players most informed cats refer to as 'Alligators' - all mouth and no ears. Often the best thing you can do for a song is to lay out. I realize a lot of folks don't have much chance to play on stage (there's probably a good reason for that), but when you get up there, try to show some respect for the MUSIC, and the other players, too.

People, music is art. Art is often deft, subtle, nuanced, humorous, empathic, and dynamic. LISTEN to the people on stage with you. If one of them is really knockin' it out, stay out of the way. If you have something interesting to say when it's your turn, you will be afforded the same respect. If you do not respect the people you're playing with, they will not respect you.  

Neither will the audience.